Carpet Dyeing

Clean Bee offers carpet and rug color restoration. Bleach spots, color loss caused by toilet bowl cleaners, sun fading, and color loss caused by aggressive cleaning agents can all be corrected by Clean Bee.

The art form of replacing the missing color has been mastered by the team at Clean Bee. Many times people assume if a brown carpet has a bleach spot that we just add a brown color. “If it were only that easy.” When a brown carpet has been bleached usually the damaged area is not pure white but more a yellow or red tone. This is where the skills and experience come into play, we have trained with the best color restoration experts in the country and have even performed color restoration in the West Wing of the White House on December 31, 2015.

Clean Bee also has extensive experience in removing stains and dyes from carpets and rugs. Many times a stain cannot be removed without also removing color in the unaffected area, this is what most consider a permanent stain.

What if you could remove the color from the stain and then re-dye that spot to match the original? This is a complex procedure but we have had great success doing just that.

As with any color correction, stain removal, or color restoration we strive for perfection but there are so many variables that can affect the final outcome. Our goal is to make the noticeable eye sore to disappear or not be a main focal point.

Please note that not all materials used in the construction of carpets and rugs are dyeable, we may have other options such as carpet graphs and reweaving.

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David Meintz

David Meintz
Owner, Operations Manager

I am the owner of Clean Bee, the husband of Michelle Meintz and proud father to two sets of twins. I am hard working, driven, caring and passionate, I live my life to hopefully inspire others and to lead by example.

Prior to starting Clean Bee, I was an aircraft mechanic for 15 years where I learned the value of structure, attention to detail, having a team you can count on, and knowing that having and following procedures is critical to being successful.

As one of the leaders of Clean Bee, one of my main goals is to provide a valued skill set to our employees, instilling pride in the job performed and making sure that each employee knows they are valued.

I enjoy weight lifting, cross fit and Obstacle course racing, as well as traveling with my wife and family.


Michelle Meintz

Michelle Meintz
AKA The Queen Bee

I am the owner of Clean Bee, the wife of David Meintz, proud mom of two sets of twins and a proud pet owner. I am passionate, loving, caring, enthusiastic, have a big heart and love helping others be the best they can be.

I love being a local family-owned and operated company, working alongside my husband David and my mother-in-law Kathleen daily. I am grateful for our phenomenal crew we have. I have enjoyed watching them grow as individuals, create their own families and helping them successfully reaching their dreams.

Some of my favorite things to do are gardening, card crafting, OCR (obstacle course racing) racing with my family and traveling. I am  also the head of our marketing department. I go out making long lasting relationships with clients and business partners.

I am passionate about helping our local community whenever I can. We have also participated in helping with the Damyak raising funds for the KIN (Kids in Need) the last four years, we have helped with collecting diapers for our local diaper bank and helping with other varies community events.

Our mission is to provide the most outstanding service experience ever by treating our team and clients like family, giving them the freedom to do the things they value most.

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