In today’s world, we are bombarded with so many outrageous claims and unbelievable advertisements that it becomes hard to know who to trust, especially when they will be working in our homes.

That’s why at Clean Bee Flooring and Upholstery Care, we don’t make unbelievable claims or undeliverable promises. Instead, we give honest, quality-service and build our business on the referrals of satisfied customers – Now that’s advertising you can believe in.

Most major carpet manufacturers recommend hot water steam extraction a minimum of every 12 to 18 months. For specific recommendations from the manufacturer of your carpet, please click on the links below.


How We Clean

At Clean Bee, we pride ourselves on quality work and customer service. The equipment we use is of the highest quality and our cleaning solution is residue free, so it won’t attract dirt and cause rapid re-soiling. Your home is your castle, so we take extra steps to respect it. Our precautions include:

  • Door mats to reduce soil entrance.
  • Door guards to help keep weather and bugs out.
  • Floor protectors to protect hardwood & other flooring surfaces.
  • Corner protectors to protect wall corners.

The secret to getting your carpet really clean lies in the hands of our skilled, certified cleaning technicians and our powerful, truck-mount system. Add to that our safe, non-toxic chemicals, and we guarantee you will love the look and feel of your freshly cleaned carpets.

Here is a detailed look at what we do for you and your carpets:

  1. We arrive on time. We limit our arrival time to a 30-minute window. If we arrive outside of that window, we will take $10 off your cleaning.
  2. Perform a thorough pre-inspection with the owner so we can address all areas of concern.
  3. Prepare your home for cleaning a. Place protective tarps from the entry way to the areas to be cleaned. b. Set up wall corner protectors so not to damage walls with hoses. c. Place fabric door guard at entry point allows for hoses to be brought into the home and to keep bugs and weather out.
  4. Pre-Vacuum to remove dry soil from carpet.
  5. Pre-Treat. We give our customers a choice between soap-free hypo-allergenic or soap-free with added citrus fragrance. With both methods, there is NO SOAPY RESIDUE TO ATTRACT DIRT ONCE THE CARPETS ARE CLEANED. a. Application of Pre-treatment of the entire carpet, not just the traffic lanes. b. Clean Bee applies the pre-treatment hot, with the use of a special applicator we are able to apply it at over 200 degrees, so that the cleaning process starts right away.
  6. Spot Treatment. We have a wide selection of solutions to breakdown spots and heavy soil loads.
  7. Agitation. a. Mechanical Agitation is used on heavily soiled carpets in order to work the cleaning solution deep into the fiber, breaking up the soil that has attached to the fibers. b. Manual agitation: Because agitation is the key to carpet cleaning, we use a carpet brush to work pre-spray into carpeting.
  8. Dwell Time. This is the amount of time allowed for the cleaning solution to work on average we allow for 10-15 minutes dwell time.
  9. Rinse & Extraction. a. Rinse: 1. Filtered/ Softened water – soft water cleans better 2. Hot Rinse water 200+ degrees 3. No detergents added to rinse water – no soil attracting residue. b. Extraction: The use of rotary equipment gives more agitation and a more thorough cleaning. Our tools provide 360 cleaning passes per minute and extract up to 80% more water than a traditional carpet cleaning wand. By extracting more water, our average dry time is one hour, and eliminates a common problem called spot wick back or reoccurring stains – this is where a previous spot that may be in the carpet backing or pad can rise to the top of the fibers as the carpet dries – this is very common in Olefin Berber style carpet. Note: Dry time can be affected by humidity and air flow.
  10. Post-Cleaning Inspection Walk-Through. We ask that the home owner reviews our work to ensure satisfaction. We will retreat any remaining spots or stains.
  11. Final Grooming. On pile carpet, we use a carpet fiber groomer to lift all carpet fibers, speeding up dry time and giving the carpet a more uniform look.
  12. Carpet Fiber Protector (Stain Blocker). Available as an additional service. Clean Bee uses only the highest quality protector applied with a portable motorized applicator that is metered for consistent and thorough application (we don’t use manual pump-up sprayers). We then use a carpet brush to thoroughly work the protector into the fibers for complete protection.
  13. Provide the home owner with shoe covers so as not to re-soil the carpet prior to drying.
  14. Provide our customers with a complimentary bottle of spot remover. Stain and spotting accidents are a natural occurrence in life. There is no need for it to be a stressful situation. Our Stain & Spot Remover will provide the relief you need on those occasions.
  15. We will add you to our customer reminder list. Your carpets will look better and last longer with regularly scheduled professional cleaning. Just tell us if you would like a reminder every 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, or 24 months. You also have the option of signing up for our maintenance agreement, which allows for priority scheduling and cleanings at a discounted rate.

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